Mark Sachse D.C.

Dr. Mark Sachse graduated with honors from Southern California University of Health Sciences with his Doctorate in Chiropractic complimenting his bachelors in human biology, Dr. Mark was no stranger to chiropractic having been adjusted since he was 8 years old for asthma.

After visiting several times he fell in love with the Netherlands and decided to leave the United States and start a new life bringing the highest quality of chiropractic care with him. Having previously taught chiropractic technique to young doctors and being the clinic director of several large chiropractic clinics, he has preformed over 150k adjustments. Dr. Mark understands that everything in the body works together in harmony and that if your body is functioning better you are less likely to have symptoms and more likely to thrive.

Dr. Mark currently resides in Utrecht and his interested include travel, cooking and reading.


Melanie Kleinhans D.C.

Melanie was born and grew up in Windhoek, Namibia. After highschool, she decided to observe her chiropractor for 2 weeks. As a result, she saw people young and old enter her office and walk out happy and with a smile. The biggest memory from this experience was a little baby that had not stopped crying for 2 weeks and you could see the parents lost all hope.

The chiropractor adjusted this little baby and suddenly there was no more crying just this smiley baby in front of them. The parents were laughing and crying at the same time. That was the moment Melanie fell in love with chiropractic.

She decided to pursue her dream to become a chiropractor. Throughout her chiropractic degree, she worked as a chiropractic assistant in an office in the west of Auckland, New Zealand. There she learned many valuable skills which help her to connect with people at her best.

Her main goal in life is to help a community of families expresses life to the fullest. Melanie graduated from the New Zealand College of Chiropractic and moved to the Netherlands. She speaks fluent German, English, Afrikaans, and Dutch.


Steven Kloster D.C.

Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana (USA), Steven Kloster, D.C. is currently a chiropractor in practice in Zoeterwoude-Dorp.

Steven Kloster treats with passion and uses his knowledge as much as possible to provide patients with the best possible health.

Steven Kloster D.C. is an experienced chiropractor. You are in good hands with him for all kinds of head, neck and back pains.

His additional certificates, such as Webster's Pregnancy Technique, the Fascial Distortion Model, Graston Technique for Tissue Injuries, and Vertebral Compression, establish StevenKloster is able to treat a wide range of patients.

In his spare time, Steven Kloster likes and performs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing.


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